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Google Policy Violators

Posted on April 13th, 2016

Recently, Google updated their policies and the algorithms behind them, and we’ve started discovering disapproved items in our Google Shopping feed. These are some items we’ve had to either pull or have manually reviewed, along with the policy the item violates. We continue to be amused as this mini banned books list as it grows and hope you will get a kick out of it as much as we do.  Happy browsing, fellow bookworms!

The Black Stallion and The Girl

1971 hardback in good/good condition, $24.50

The Black Stallion and the Girl

This classic young adult novel was identified as being a pharmaceutical product making misleading claims.  Goodness gracious, Google, get your mind out of the gutter! Sometimes a horse is just a horse.  We were able to request a manual review of this item, so it will eventually show back up in our shopping feed, but you don’t have to wait – it’s available now direct from our store.

The Lady In The Lake

1945 2nd edition in wraps – not a corpse! $125.00

The Lady In the Lake

This classic mystery novel was identified, as best as we can tell, as being a corpse.  When we were trying to discover what policy it violated, Google pointed us to the word “spine” used in the item description and referenced policies about cadavers.  This is one of our favorite policy violators.  We’re sure the author would be amused by this mis-identification.  You can purchase this unique book directly from our catalog, even though it’s no longer on Google Shopping.

The History of the Confederate States Marine Corps

1976 edition published by the author in soft grey pictorial wraps

The History of the Confederate States Marine Corps

This historical work, is according to some, a “must read” for civil war buffs, but it is too controversial for Google.  Get it direct from us instead.

Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics

1977 4th edition hardcover $24.50

Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics

There is a type of Google policy violation our feed manager describes as “super secret, so bad that it can’t be manually overridden”.  When an item is flagged for one of these types of violations, Google is reticent to tell us what policy has been violated, and only offers vague suggestions to “change something” and try again.  Anyone want to guess what policy this item violates and how to bring it into compliance?  We don’t, so it’s not available on Google shopping.

A Collection of Hymns For the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1826 full leather edition $65.00

A Collection of Hymns For the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church

This is another of our “super secret, so bad that it can’t be manually overridden” policy violators.  We simply can’t imagine what policy a hymnal might violate, but, until we can figure out how to bring it into compliance, it’s a policy violator!  If you enjoy hymnals and also enjoy feeling rebellious, this little policy violator is a perfect fit for your collection!  You can buy it today, direct from our site!