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For the “inner child” at holiday time

Posted on December 9th, 2014

First editions of childhood favorites make great gifts for grown up kids.

If there’s an “inner child” on your holiday shopping list that has been really good this year, we just found your perfect gift!

Dr. Seuss’ Please Try to Remember the First of Octember is a whimsical adventure that encourages the reader to remember that all of their wishes will come true on the first day of Octember when money rains from the sky.  Dr. Seuss’ wild imagination wishes up all kinds of amazingly adventurous items that aren’t available until this magical day.

Adults will appreciate the story even more than they did as children – especially if they have children of their own now.  The story’s narrator wants their child to have everything their little hearts might desire, and the idea of an annual month of windfalls is as appealing to parents as it is to children.

The first edition we have in our catalog is just beautiful and will become a prized addition to any collector’s library.

You can find more gifts for the inner child on your holiday shopping list in the Children’s section of our online catalog.