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A is for Alibi

Posted on November 3rd, 2017

Once upon a time there was a struggling author who stumbled on unexpected inspiration.  She made a list of all the crime-related words she knew, and began 26-book-long writing streak, covering every kind of crime from A to Z.

True first edition of “A is for Alibi”

‘Z is for Zero’ will be the end of Sue Grafton‘s murderous series featuring the now-famous Kinsey Millhone, but collectors will want to go back to the beginning – back to ‘A is for Alibi‘.

We currently have two copies of this treasure – one for the collector on a budget and one for the collector who has everything.

The budget copy is a first UK edition, but it is an ex-library copy, bringing the price down to budget level for a collector’s edition.

The copy for the collector who has everything is a true first in near fine condition. This is a beautiful copy that every Kinsey Millhone fan would be proud to have on their shelf.

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