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Thoughts On Collecting Books

Posted on November 19th, 2013

~by Lee Johnson

Why would a person collect books? Serious readers have all read books that have affected them. Many of us have read books that are life changing. Good literature usually evokes strong feeling, much like great paintings or photography.

Not ever one is a collector. Those of us that are collectors generally collect thing that give us pleasure in life. So, like the art collector that collects the paintings that give him pleasure, the reader that finds great pleasure in books may want to form a collection of these books.

While the trend may be to read books on screen with an electronic reader or a personal computer, a collection of quality, first editions can never be replaced for warmth and visual appeal in the home by a thumb drive.

The Keefauver Story

Posted on November 12th, 2013

On our book buying trip of over three thousand miles I came across a book in Denver CO with my families name on it! The Keefauver Story is about my family starting with the three Keefauver brothers coming to America from Germany. I found my great-great grandfather’s name and read his story. My poor Aunt who had given me her copy no longer had my attention. I was lost on the page about famous people we were related to and how we were related. I had to check Wikipedia for what some of the terms meant.

One of the people listed was Catherine the Great of Russia who was listed as a 27th great grandmother! That sounded like too many generations, so now I had to go back to Wikipedia and read about her and when she ruled. The portrait of her reminds me of my mother, I can see the familial resemblance.

I also noticed several of my favorite authors listed. No wonder I am a bookaholic, it is in the blood. From both sides of my family as my dad is related to Alfred Hitchcock and my mom is related to several authors.