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5 in 1 game books for February

Come Play 5 in 1, February Edition with the Zephyr Books Bookworms!

We call this the Five in One Game!

Here’s how it works:

The bookworm picks one theme, then picks five books from our inventory in keeping with the theme.

We show you the books, you guess the theme! You can play by placing your guess in the comment string on our facebook post!

Ready? Let’s play our first round of Five In One!

Can you guess the theme?

A Cruise Under the Crescent: From Suez to San Marco

Winning Out: A Book for Young People on Character Building by Habit Forming

Hours of Exercise in the Alps

1936 Artemisia

The Swiss Family Robinson, in Words of One Syllable

Once upon a time there was a struggling author who stumbled on unexpected inspiration.  She made a list of all the crime-related words she knew, and began 26-book-long writing streak, covering every kind of crime from A to Z.

True first edition of “A is for Alibi”

‘Z is for Zero’ will be the end of Sue Grafton‘s murderous series featuring the now-famous Kinsey Millhone, but collectors will want to go back to the beginning – back to ‘A is for Alibi‘.

We currently have two copies of this treasure – one for the collector on a budget and one for the collector who has everything.

The budget copy is a first UK edition, but it is an ex-library copy, bringing the price down to budget level for a collector’s edition.

The copy for the collector who has everything is a true first in near fine condition. This is a beautiful copy that every Kinsey Millhone fan would be proud to have on their shelf.

Get your alibi today!


Whatever holiday we celebrate at this time of year, our homes are overflowing with family traditions.

In my home, reading stories out loud was an important part of celebrating the holiday season.  Cuddled together in bed, our imaginations would build vivid images of places we’d never see and people who never existed.  As we read together, wrapped up in warm blankets, the bedside lamp would create a bubble of light that warded off the cold and dark of the solstice nights.

The Swiss Family Robinson story is one of my favorite classics for wintertime reading; imagining their tropical island helps keep me warm in the winter.  Whether you are starting a tradition with children of your own or reliving days when you were young, this story is a must-have in every reader’s library.

Luckily, we have two copies of this story in stock this holiday season!

Well-loved reading copy

Well-loved reading copy



The Swiss Family Robinson, in Words of One Syllable is a well-loved copy of the story, published around 1900.  This edition features four beautiful illustrations to help inspire your favorite child’s imagination, and is priced low enough that you will feel comfortable allowing it to be a “reading copy”.




Four Beautiful Volumes


If you are looking for a super-special edition to keep behind glass and only handle with kid gloves, we have that edition, too!  Le Robinson Suisse: Ou Journal d’un pere Famille Naufrage Avec Ses Enfans is a 4-volume, French language set.  This first-edition set was published in 1814, and is in beautiful condition.  A true collector will love having this set on their shelf.



I’m wishing you all a season full of wonderful traditions and amazing stories!
~The Bookworm

When I was a young girl, my favorite thing to find under the Christmas tree was a book.  Even better: a trilogy or a whole series.  Books smelled more delicious than candy and provided entertainment all year long.  Santa never disappointed, and I spent many wintery days in my childhood deep in imaginary worlds, running around the prairie with Laura Ingalls or strolling the streets of London with Sherlock Holmes.

Little Shooter of Birds and the Great Sun

Beautiful Book Cover

In preparation for Christmas, I’ve been double-checking some recent work by our favorite techies at Comment Designs and had the 12 days of Christmas song running through my mind.  As I was browsing through the books, the bird-related titles started jumping out at me (like a partridge in a pear tree), and the festive cover design of Little Shooter of Birds and the Great Sun caught my attention.  Somebody is going to love getting this book for Christmas!

Whether you are shopping for your favorite good girls and boys, or for all of your favorite Secret Santas, you’ll find lots of great gifts in our online store!  Stop in today – with over 2000 items in stock, you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list!

Happy December, Bookworms!