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Recently, Google updated their policies and the algorithms behind them, and we’ve started discovering disapproved items in our Google Shopping feed. These are some items we’ve had to either pull or have manually reviewed, along with the policy the item violates. We continue to be amused as this mini banned books list as it grows and hope you will get a kick out of it as much as we do.  Happy browsing, fellow bookworms!

The Black Stallion and The Girl

1971 hardback in good/good condition, $24.50

The Black Stallion and the Girl

This classic young adult novel was identified as being a pharmaceutical product making misleading claims.  Goodness gracious, Google, get your mind out of the gutter! Sometimes a horse is just a horse.  We were able to request a manual review of this item, so it will eventually show back up in our shopping feed, but you don’t have to wait – it’s available now direct from our store.

The Lady In The Lake

1945 2nd edition in wraps – not a corpse! $125.00

The Lady In the Lake

This classic mystery novel was identified, as best as we can tell, as being a corpse.  When we were trying to discover what policy it violated, Google pointed us to the word “spine” used in the item description and referenced policies about cadavers.  This is one of our favorite policy violators.  We’re sure the author would be amused by this mis-identification.  You can purchase this unique book directly from our catalog, even though it’s no longer on Google Shopping.

The History of the Confederate States Marine Corps

1976 edition published by the author in soft grey pictorial wraps

The History of the Confederate States Marine Corps

This historical work, is according to some, a “must read” for civil war buffs, but it is too controversial for Google.  Get it direct from us instead.

Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics

1977 4th edition hardcover $24.50

Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics

There is a type of Google policy violation our feed manager describes as “super secret, so bad that it can’t be manually overridden”.  When an item is flagged for one of these types of violations, Google is reticent to tell us what policy has been violated, and only offers vague suggestions to “change something” and try again.  Anyone want to guess what policy this item violates and how to bring it into compliance?  We don’t, so it’s not available on Google shopping.

A Collection of Hymns For the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church

1826 full leather edition $65.00

A Collection of Hymns For the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church

This is another of our “super secret, so bad that it can’t be manually overridden” policy violators.  We simply can’t imagine what policy a hymnal might violate, but, until we can figure out how to bring it into compliance, it’s a policy violator!  If you enjoy hymnals and also enjoy feeling rebellious, this little policy violator is a perfect fit for your collection!  You can buy it today, direct from our site!

  1. The Thrill of the Chase
    The quest for a rare book is one full of adventure. Your path will take you to the physical and virtual storefronts of bookstores around the globe. Along the way, you will start conversations with countless strangers, and many of them will become friends.
  2. The Excitement of Attainment
    After being on your quest for a while, one day, you’ll see it, and, to you, it will be surrounded in a golden aura of delight. Your heart will throb, your palms will sweat, and, for a moment, you’ll feel like a poet in love.
  3. Some Things Never Change
    There is a comfort in the illustrations of our childhood picture books, the cover art of the novels that shaped our teenage years, the inspirational text of our college favorites laid out on the page in institutional text. Like photographs of times past, they provide an unchanging window into the world we once lived in
  4. Change is the Only Constant
    Books are fragile things. They get dogeared. They get soaked in the rain or splashed by the ocean’s spray. They get too close to a candle or campfire. The books that survive repeated readings are precious just because they still exist.
  5. There’s no Edition Like a First Edition
    First editions are often the centerpiece items of a collection. It feels good to be first, and it feels good to know you have the first one. Not only that, but many first editions will increase in value over the years.
  6. Books are Always On Topic
    Whatever you love, there’s a book about that.  Books inform experts and enthusiasts alike, and provide entertainment for children of all ages.  No matter how mainstream or obscure your interests are, you’ll  always be able to find a complementary book.
  7. No Batteries Required
    Old school is cool, especially for travelers.  Whether you travel through overcrowded air and ground terminals or just take long road trips, books never need a charging station or wifi access.   For folks who take old-school adventures on horseback, bicycle, or foot, charging stations can be days apart, but a lightweight paperback will provide great power-free entertainment.
  8. The Family Tree Becomes The Family Bookcase
    Books can provide a priceless heirloom, regardless of any financial value of  the library.  Books store our history with them, they capture our scents, our dirty fingerprints, the tears we cried every time we re-read an especially moving page.  Our personal library keeps a record of who we are as the contents change over time, and, for those who love us most, our library can be a comforting and insightful legacy.
  9. No-fuss Home Decor
    A big case filled with high quality books can be the only decoration a room needs.  They provide atmosphere and warmth, enhancing the space with the personality of your unique collection. Books always start great conversations at social gatherings.
  10. Books Have a Good Rep
    Hanging out with books is good for your image.  Reading them is even better for your image.  Books can make you smarter, and improve your self esteem.

Why do you think everyone should collect books?

Whatever holiday we celebrate at this time of year, our homes are overflowing with family traditions.

In my home, reading stories out loud was an important part of celebrating the holiday season.  Cuddled together in bed, our imaginations would build vivid images of places we’d never see and people who never existed.  As we read together, wrapped up in warm blankets, the bedside lamp would create a bubble of light that warded off the cold and dark of the solstice nights.

The Swiss Family Robinson story is one of my favorite classics for wintertime reading; imagining their tropical island helps keep me warm in the winter.  Whether you are starting a tradition with children of your own or reliving days when you were young, this story is a must-have in every reader’s library.

Luckily, we have two copies of this story in stock this holiday season!

Well-loved reading copy

Well-loved reading copy



The Swiss Family Robinson, in Words of One Syllable is a well-loved copy of the story, published around 1900.  This edition features four beautiful illustrations to help inspire your favorite child’s imagination, and is priced low enough that you will feel comfortable allowing it to be a “reading copy”.




Four Beautiful Volumes


If you are looking for a super-special edition to keep behind glass and only handle with kid gloves, we have that edition, too!  Le Robinson Suisse: Ou Journal d’un pere Famille Naufrage Avec Ses Enfans is a 4-volume, French language set.  This first-edition set was published in 1814, and is in beautiful condition.  A true collector will love having this set on their shelf.



I’m wishing you all a season full of wonderful traditions and amazing stories!
~The Bookworm

First editions of childhood favorites make great gifts for grown up kids.

If there’s an “inner child” on your holiday shopping list that has been really good this year, we just found your perfect gift!

Dr. Seuss’ Please Try to Remember the First of Octember is a whimsical adventure that encourages the reader to remember that all of their wishes will come true on the first day of Octember when money rains from the sky.  Dr. Seuss’ wild imagination wishes up all kinds of amazingly adventurous items that aren’t available until this magical day.

Adults will appreciate the story even more than they did as children – especially if they have children of their own now.  The story’s narrator wants their child to have everything their little hearts might desire, and the idea of an annual month of windfalls is as appealing to parents as it is to children.

The first edition we have in our catalog is just beautiful and will become a prized addition to any collector’s library.

You can find more gifts for the inner child on your holiday shopping list in the Children’s section of our online catalog.

When I was a young girl, my favorite thing to find under the Christmas tree was a book.  Even better: a trilogy or a whole series.  Books smelled more delicious than candy and provided entertainment all year long.  Santa never disappointed, and I spent many wintery days in my childhood deep in imaginary worlds, running around the prairie with Laura Ingalls or strolling the streets of London with Sherlock Holmes.

Little Shooter of Birds and the Great Sun

Beautiful Book Cover

In preparation for Christmas, I’ve been double-checking some recent work by our favorite techies at Comment Designs and had the 12 days of Christmas song running through my mind.  As I was browsing through the books, the bird-related titles started jumping out at me (like a partridge in a pear tree), and the festive cover design of Little Shooter of Birds and the Great Sun caught my attention.  Somebody is going to love getting this book for Christmas!

Whether you are shopping for your favorite good girls and boys, or for all of your favorite Secret Santas, you’ll find lots of great gifts in our online store!  Stop in today – with over 2000 items in stock, you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list!

Happy December, Bookworms!