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5 in 1 – February Edition!

Posted on February 9th, 2018

Are you ready for 5 in 1 – February Edition?

Here are the 5 books the Zephyr Books Bookworms have picked for this round. Can you figure out what theme they have in common?

  1. Le Livre de Mormon Recit Ecrit de La Main de Mormon sur des plaques prises des plaques de Nephi is beautifully bound with marbled boards.

    Marbled boards accent this first French edition of the famous Book of Mormon

    This first French edition is a beautiful collector’s piece that we have been proud to have in our collection, and it in the first batch of books that we’ll be making available through auction only through our partnership with Pacific Book Auctions! We don’t have an auction date yet, so watch their site for more information if you are interested in this item.
    Note: If you feature Mormon editions in your library, but don’t have an ‘auction’ budget, never fear! We have collector’s editions at every price point! This first, signed edition of Forgotten Kingdom: The Mormon Theocracy in the American West, 1847-1896 – the second volume in the Kingdom of the West series – is modestly priced at only $30 (but it’s not part of this month’s theme).

  2. Still Woman Enough is a must-have for any Loretta Lynn fan. This leather-bound, limited first edition from Easton Press is copy number 313 of only 1165 copies. Of course, we can’t judge a book by the raised bands and gilt decorations on its cover, so, when you open this book, you’ll find that it is signed by the author!

    Cover, signature, and certificate of authenticity

    Signed limited first edition from one of America’s country stars.

  3. War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals is a compelling read from an award winning author, but this edition is not just a great read, it’s a beautiful collector’s item. This limited first edition from Easton Press is copy number 116 of 1250 copies, and it is signed by the author.

    Limited and signed

  4. To Kill a Mockingbird is an American classic that belongs in every library. This 1977  illustrated limited edition from Franklin library is the perfect collector’s copy to keep next to your reading copy!

    1977 limited leatherbound edition

  5. The Second Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of Consolation; A Poem. Volume Second is an 1820 edition long-form poem, and this edition includes 2 dozen hand-colored illustrations. Art collectors, poetry fans, and those who collect morality tales may share an interest in this fascinating little volume.

    The Second Tour of Dr. Syntax

    Those are our 5 Books…can you guess the 1 Theme they have in common?