» 10 Reasons Everyone Should be a Book Collector
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10 Reasons Everyone Should be a Book Collector

Posted on July 14th, 2015

  1. The Thrill of the Chase
    The quest for a rare book is one full of adventure. Your path will take you to the physical and virtual storefronts of bookstores around the globe. Along the way, you will start conversations with countless strangers, and many of them will become friends.
  2. The Excitement of Attainment
    After being on your quest for a while, one day, you’ll see it, and, to you, it will be surrounded in a golden aura of delight. Your heart will throb, your palms will sweat, and, for a moment, you’ll feel like a poet in love.
  3. Some Things Never Change
    There is a comfort in the illustrations of our childhood picture books, the cover art of the novels that shaped our teenage years, the inspirational text of our college favorites laid out on the page in institutional text. Like photographs of times past, they provide an unchanging window into the world we once lived in
  4. Change is the Only Constant
    Books are fragile things. They get dogeared. They get soaked in the rain or splashed by the ocean’s spray. They get too close to a candle or campfire. The books that survive repeated readings are precious just because they still exist.
  5. There’s no Edition Like a First Edition
    First editions are often the centerpiece items of a collection. It feels good to be first, and it feels good to know you have the first one. Not only that, but many first editions will increase in value over the years.
  6. Books are Always On Topic
    Whatever you love, there’s a book about that.  Books inform experts and enthusiasts alike, and provide entertainment for children of all ages.  No matter how mainstream or obscure your interests are, you’ll  always be able to find a complementary book.
  7. No Batteries Required
    Old school is cool, especially for travelers.  Whether you travel through overcrowded air and ground terminals or just take long road trips, books never need a charging station or wifi access.   For folks who take old-school adventures on horseback, bicycle, or foot, charging stations can be days apart, but a lightweight paperback will provide great power-free entertainment.
  8. The Family Tree Becomes The Family Bookcase
    Books can provide a priceless heirloom, regardless of any financial value of  the library.  Books store our history with them, they capture our scents, our dirty fingerprints, the tears we cried every time we re-read an especially moving page.  Our personal library keeps a record of who we are as the contents change over time, and, for those who love us most, our library can be a comforting and insightful legacy.
  9. No-fuss Home Decor
    A big case filled with high quality books can be the only decoration a room needs.  They provide atmosphere and warmth, enhancing the space with the personality of your unique collection. Books always start great conversations at social gatherings.
  10. Books Have a Good Rep
    Hanging out with books is good for your image.  Reading them is even better for your image.  Books can make you smarter, and improve your self esteem.

Why do you think everyone should collect books?